Vladimir Putin: “Hacking Not In Moscow’s Interest”


The scandal that emerged in the United States over accusations Russia hacked Democratic Party e-mails has actually not remained in Moscow’s interests and both sides in the United States election project are simply using Russia to score points, Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday.

The United States federal government on Friday officially implicated Russia for the very first time of a project of cyber attacks versus Democratic Party organizations ahead of the Nov. 8 elections.

And the White House stated on Tuesday it would consider a range of reactions to the supposed hacks.

“They began this hysteria, stating that this (hacking) remains in Russia’s interests. However this has nothing to do with Russia’s interests,” President Putin informed an organisation online forum in Moscow.

Putin stated the allegations were a tactic to divert U.S. citizens’ attention at a time when popular opinion was being controlled.

“Everyone is speaking about ‘who did it’ (the hacking),” stated Putin. “But is it that crucial? The most crucial thing is exactly what is inside this details.”

The Kremlin stated previously on Wednesday it took an unfavorable view of White House declarations about a prepared “proportional” reaction to the supposed cyber attacks.

Putin grumbled that sides in the United States governmental race were misusing rhetoric about Russia for their own ends, however stated Moscow would deal with whoever won the election “if, naturally, the brand-new U.S. leader wants to deal with our nation”.

” About a years earlier, they would not point out Russia at all, since it was not even worth speaking about, such a third-rate local power and not intriguing at all. Now Russia is issue top in the whole election project,” stated Putin.

” All they do is keep speaking about us. Obviously it’s enjoyable for us, however just partially due to the fact that all individuals are misusing anti-Russian rhetoric and poisoning our bilateral relations.”

On Tuesday, the Russian ambassador to the United States informed an audience in Washington that his nation bears no duty for e-mail leakages impacting the United States governmental race.

Vladimir Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin says the scandal that has erupted in the United States over allegations Russia hacked Democratic Party emails has not been in Moscow’s interests and that both sides in the U.S. election campaign are just using Russia to score points.  That said, Russia curiously calls for its citizens to brace for war. Do they know something we don’t?

Putin Calls For Russia To Brace For War

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