Trump Supporters Recreate Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Days after Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized, a group of his supporters rallied there for the second consecutive day Sunday as the Republican presidential nominee now appears to be neck-and-neck with former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

The number of Trump supporters, who held signs such as “Build that Wall” and “Come Out for Trump” while chanting “Vote Trump,” grew to about 20 people by 3:30 p.m. Fans honked their horns loudly in support, while some critics flipped rally participants off, cursed at them or engaged in verbal sparring as they drove or walked by.

In one instance, a passerby and then another got up in the face of a man who was guarding Trump’s star and began shouting profanities at him in a threatening manner, forcing him to take several steps backward.

“This election to me is the life or death of our country, especially doing rallies and seeing how violent people become,” Encino resident Randi Berger, who founded the San Fernando Valley for Trump Celebration Group that organized the rally, said. “There’s no respect for anything today. It’s really sad how our country has become. The lack of respect for the police, law.”

With a little more than a week to go before Election Day, a Washington Post-ABC poll released Sunday found that Trump was just 1 percentage point behind Hillary Clinton. It also found that a minority of all likely voters said they were less likely to support the Democratic presidential nominee after the FBI’s announcement Friday that it is reviewing more emails in connection with its probe of Clinton’s handling of classified information while at the State Department.

Berger, a longtime Republican who was hawking Trump hats, T-shirts and head fans, helped recreate the star on paper — which was replaced after it was vandalized but covered up on Sunday. Berger’s star read “Mr. President Donald J. Trump” and was used as a sign at Sunday’s rally.

“It’s to say ‘no matter how hard you are going to try to destroy us, we’re going to win,’ ” Berger, who works with pets, said.

James Lambert Otis, 53, was taken into custody on Thursday after he allegedly took a pick-axe and a sledgehammer to the star early Wednesday morning. Otis said he did so in order to “auction it on Election Day and raise as much money as I can for them women who have been exploited by Mr. Trump.”

About a dozen women have come forward in recent weeks alleging that Trump engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with them, such as kissing them on the lips and groping them. Many at the rally dismissed those allegations as politically motivated — though some did call the vulgar language he used about women that was recorded on a hot microphone in 2005 “disgusting.”

“They’re coming out 10, 15, 20 years later — all of a sudden three weeks to the election,” said Deborah Strong, an X-ray tech who lives in Camarillo and a Harley Davidson enthusiast. “I think (Democrats) paid these women to come out and do that.”

Elsa Quintanilla, a Salvadoran immigrant who lives in West Hills and held up a sign that read “Equal Justice for All,” said she has faith that Trump will do more to rev up the economy and help provide jobs for her struggling family.

And she pointed to FBI Director James Comey’s announcement last week as evidence that Hillary Clinton could well be charged with a crime.

“I don’t think the FBI would open the case that was closed if they don’t intend to prosecute her,” Quintanilla, a mother who works in home health care, said. “I’d rather have a big mouth and not a crooked politician.”

But several others who found themselves at the bustling tourist destination known for its costumed characters and performers disagreed Sunday. James Campbell, a University of New Mexico student who has already voted for Hillary Clinton, said he and some friends took a “little protest picture” at the site of Trump’s star that involved their middle fingers. After a Trump supporter confronted them, Campbell said they exchanged some words about Trump being a “misogynist” and “racist,” which Trump has denied.

“(Hillary) knows what she’s doing,” Campbell said. “She’s probably the most experienced person to run for president in the history of the United States.”

As for the scandals that have been attached to the former secretary of state, they have “been disproven” and “nothing sticks because they’re not true,” he said. Campbell, who studies political science, also argued that Comey made a “quite a mistake” by announcing his intent to reopen the investigation into her private email server last week.

While Comey likely did it so as not to be seen as hiding anything, Campbell said, “this is something that most prosecutors keep secret, that most members of the law enforcement community keep secret instead of putting that out to the public and for speculation to begin occurring.”


BREAKING: CNN Busted Trying to Frame Trump

CNN (also known as the “Clinton News Network) has gone out of its way to try to rig the election for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton this year. It hasn’t even tried to hide its bias in an attempt to destroy Republican nominee Donald Trump’s chances at becoming president.

Over the weekend, CNN tried desperately to find anything it could to distract the American people from the FBI’s announcement that it was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s use of an email server while she was secretary of state.

CNN ran a story on Sunday about a Trump rally in Colorado, only it blatantly lied about what Trump said at the rally in an attempt to smear him, Mediate reported.

The article in question originally ran with the headline “Trump, skeptical of mail-in balloting, encourages voting more than once if necessary.” Here’s a screen grab of the original.


“If you go to university center, they’ll give you a new ballot, they’ll void your old ballot, in some places they do that four or five times, so by tomorrow, almost everyone will have their new ballots in,” Trump said at the rally, according to CNN’s original article.

However there was more to that quote, which CNN decided not to run with.

“If you go to university center, they’ll give you a new ballot, they’ll void your old ballot. They’ll give you a new ballot, and you can go out and make sure it get’s in. Now in some places, they do that four or five times, but we don’t do that. So by tomorrow, almost everyone will have their new ballots in,” is the full quote of what Trump said.

By selectively editing the quote, CNN made it appear that Trump was encouraging voter fraud.

After publishing the original story, CNN changed the headline, and the content, to actually reflect what Trump actually said. Initially, the network did not indicate it had done so. However, a line was later added at the end of the article to indicate it had been changed.

The new headline can be seen below:


CNN also took down the tweet that had the incorrect headline.

Maybe next time CNN will think twice before publishing such blatant lies. Instead of trying to cover up Clinton’s corruption, maybe the network should just to its job and report on the news.

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Jon Voight Plea To Save America – EPIC VIDEO

This epic video featuring Jon Voight and his plea to stop Hillary Clinton hits liberals and elitist Hollywood types, including Cucked Robert De Niro and the like,

May God protect the real truth. May Donald Trump win the Presidency of the United States of America – Voight

Epic Jon Voight Tweets:

Fans Respond:




REDDIT UPDATE: While the left and the media kept you distracted about what Trump said 11 years ago, Wikileaks released emails from Hillary, and top campaign DNC staff, that detail things like:

  • Statements about keeping the population uneducated and in line to maintain power. SOURCE
  • Bashing Catholicism. SOURCE
  • Massive Democrat voter fraud investigations in multiple states. SOURCE
  • The New York Times consulting with the Clinton team to get approval before running articles. SOURCE
  • Debate questions being leaked to Clinton before debates by the media. SOURCE
  • Voter information leaked to Clinton by the head of the DNC. SOURCE
  • Facebook staff sharing “research info” to the Clinton team. SOURCE
  • Hillary trashing Bernie voters. SOURCE
  • The use of the term “sandni**ers” in a Clinton email discussing the Middle East. SOURCE
  • Pay to Play at the State Department under Clinton. SOURCE  (There are literally too many sources to list)
  • Clinton speeches to big banks and Wall Street where she discusses her public standpoint versus her private standpoint. SOURCE
  • The infusion of hundreds of millions of dollars in coffers in relation to getting the uranium deal through, in which 20% of the US’s uranium was sold to the Russians. SOURCE
  • Admitting they allowed ISIS to form. SOURCE
  • Admitting to the success of ISIS and how it helps jihadi recruiting. SOURCE  (Still searching)
  • Admitting selling arms through Benghazi into Syria to arm and supply ISIS. SOURCE
  • Admitting Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding and equipping ISIS. SOURCE
  • Saudi Arabia helping fund the Clinton campaign. SOURCE (questionable but believable)
  • The control of Buzzfeed by the DNC. SOURCE
  • False news reports being given to Reuters and reported. SOURCE
  • DNC staffers paid to go protest when no protesters show up. SOURCE
  • DNC publishing a fake employment ad posing as Trump to make him appear sexist. SOURCE
  • Writers at multiple major newspapers sending their articles through Clinton for approval before sending to their Editor. SOURCE-1 , SOURCE-2 (html formatting)

Source-2 Translation:

The subject line of the email is “WaPo Party.” Anu Rangappa, a senior DNC adviser, wrote to DNC national fundraiser director Jordan Kaplan on September 22, 2015, “They aren’t going to give us a price per ticket and do not want their party listed in any package we are selling to donors. If we let them know we have donors in town who will be at the debate, we can add them to the list for the party.”

“Great – we were never going to list since the lawyers told us we cannot do it,” Kaplan wrote back.

Given the Post’s tendency to endorse Democrats, holding a fundraiser with the DNC would not be a surprising development. It’s also worth noting that a separate email Miranda wrote that The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent might be willing to “play ball” in “writing up something positive.”

  • Politico being controlled by the DNC. SOURCE
  • Questions being given to CNN to ask Hillary. SOURCE
  • Admitting “there is no way they’ll possibly vet all those refugees.” SOURCE (daily caller)
  • Admitting they know terrorists will be in the refugees. SOURCE
  • Moving money to try and get around donor laws. SOURCE BELOW

Steve Inskeep (NPR):

“Do you think over the years, Mr. President that there were people who donated to the Foundation thinking that they’re building a relationship wit you, that they’re building a relationship with Hillary Clinton and that you guys might be back in the White House some day?”

Bill Clinton:
“Well, since we had more than 300,000 donors, it would be unusual if nobody did. The names I saw in the paper, none of them surprised me and all of them could have gotten their own meeting with Hillary. When you’ve been doing this kind of work as long as we have, you know the people who are the major players.

And also, some of them who call my staff, people were doing double duty back then, and I had an office of the former president when it was natural for people who had been our political allies and personal friends to call and ask for things. I trusted the State Department wouldn’t do anything they shouldn’t do, from a meeting to a favor.”

Maybe some of them gave money for that reason [to gain political influence], but most of them gave it because they liked what we were doing.”
The full interview is available for your listening pleasure below (segment on donors starts at 4:55):

>>*** READ THIS ***<<

  • DNC directly involved with FBI investigation.
  • Private meetings with Clinton staff and DOJ/FBI during investigation with information being shared about the investigation.
  • FBI Director Comey linked to Clinton Foundation and $6 million. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2
  • Comey’s brother working at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. SOURCE
  • DNC talking about concerns over her health. SOURCE


  • Clinton campaign stating they control the Governor of Rhode Island and he will reduce the number of polling stations to help Clinton voters.

  • That Clinton “hates everyday Americans.” SOURCE
  • That Clinton bragged in a Goldman Sachs interview that she “is far removed from the middle class.” SOURCE
  • Qaddafi warned Clinton that if they killed him, Libya would fall into terrorist warlords. SOURCE

  • Qaddafi agreed to demands for democratic elections.
  • Benghazi was being used to ship arms into Syria. SOURCE

  • Clinton admits a no fly zone in Syria would be worthless. Publicly calls for one anyway. SOURCE
  • Barack Obama not only lied about knowing about Clinton server, he emailed her on it many times using a fake name. SOURCE (Politico)
  • Obama lied about wiring money to Iran. SOURCE  (Politico)
  • Obama lied about it being a ransom.

  • The murdered Iranian scientist was identified in Clinton’s emails as a US agent right before Iran killed him alleging him to be a spy. SOURCE
  • The murdered DNC staffer in Washington was allegedly a Wikileaks source contributor.

  • Clinton wanted to drone strike Assange to shut him up.

  • Obama and Clinton spent US tax dollars to try and unseat Netanyahu in Israel. SOURCE
  • Obama and Clinton paid a foreign company millions of dollars to create false ISIS videos for propaganda. SOURCE

  • NSA scanning every single Yahoo email sent. SOURCE
  • Clinton privately calls for open borders. SOURCE

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders – KILLery

  • An arms dealer that was being investigated stated he would release information implicating Hillary in the transactions and the investigation was immediately scrapped. SOURCE (Politico)
  • The majority of Clinton donors are from foreign parties. SOURCE
  • Hillary wants to alter the SCOTUS position on the 2nd Amendment and states “they have it wrong.”

  • Hillary plans executive orders on gun control, including opening the ability to sue gun manufacturers if the gun is ever used. SOURCE
  • Obama/Clinton financier and global socialist George Soros funding domestic terror group BLM and driving immigration crisis here and in Europe. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2
  • ABC Exec Ben Sherwood Pledges “Any and All ABC Platforms” to Help Hillary SOURCE  <<= From ghost_of_stonetear

In other news, Obama released another purge of Gitmo, including people directly responsible for US military deaths, including the bombing of the USS Cole.

More importantly, Russia has been telling world leaders that the “bipolar Americans” have been provoking Russia and Putin worries that nuclear war is inevitable.

Obama “accidentally” bombed and killed 70-90 Syrian (Russian backed troops) that were keeping ISIS from over-running an airport. After Obama bombed them, ISIS overtook the installation. Russia then stated they had intercepted military communications between ISIS and the US, coordinating where to strike the Syrian troops so they can seize the airport. Russia just held a nuclear response drill in Russia with FORTY MILLION civilians. They also just called for all Russian national citizens to return him immediately from abroad.

You are being distracted.