May 23, 2018
  • 10:25 am Maxine Waters Paying Daughter Over 100K In Campaign Funds
  • 7:20 am Black Trump supporter attacked at Cheesecake Factory over MAGA hat: Called “Nigg**
  • 6:55 am Mueller’s Indictment Of Russian Company Is Facing Dismissal Over Legal Incompetence
  • 12:34 pm Avenatti Docs Leak: Got $8 Million Out of Thin Air When Stormy Arrived
  • 9:38 am Nearly 30 Illegal Aliens Arrested for Child Rape in NC Last Month

Total number of illegal immigrants arrested for child sex crimes in 2018 is 69 (Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement released their April reportthat documents the number of child rapes committed by illegal immigrants. NCFIRE reported that police arrested 28 illegal aliens, the highest number of arrests that NCFIRE has reported […]