Political Memes of the Day – May 2 Edition

democrats kanye west

Democrats are losing white millennials. Surely, that’s across the board in other demographics as well. Let’s not give up on these young people yet!

Democrats Losing Millennials

Kanye is quoting Harriet Tubman. I’ll tell you what, I don’t know if he is a republican but I guarantee you he is not a Democrat!

Kanye Harriet Tubman

Universal basic income fails in Finland but will the left learn its lesson?

Finland just learned, giving citizens money without restriction does not fuel growth, it wastes money. Now, Finland is backtracking on their UBI program to instill real reforms to end individual dependency on the government.

Universal basic income Finland

Some parties take longer than others. First Black Republican Senator was in 1870. For the Dems? 1993

first black republican senator

When you’re so obsessed with destroying someone you end up destroying yourself.
#TodaysDemocrat #TheGreatAwakening

democrats kanye west

Closed Minds STOP Thought Crimes

liberal thought police

Evil has a dress code

Hillary Clinton evil has a dress code

This meme states the obvious. Liberals still don’t get it

Captain Obvious political meme

“Racist” Trump receives 1986 award for diversity and tolerance with Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks

Trump racist

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