Illegals Voted In Ohio – Dozens of Investigations Follow

Illegals Voted In Ohio

Illegals Voted In Ohio! FOX 8 I TEAM has uncovered a push for criminal charges as part of a crackdown on unlawful voting. And the situation might be greater than anyone might think.  In January, Trump expressed his belief that the epidemic of illegal aliens voting cost him the  popular vote. He was excoriated by the left for making “outlandish claims” but it seems as though he might be right:

From FOX 8 I Team:

We have earned several local cases now have been sent to a prosecutor for review, and dozens of others have been under investigation statewide for people voting even though they’re not U.S. citizens.

Since the last election, there’s been so much talk nationwide about illegal voting, the Ohio Secretary of State did a review. That office found in Ohio, 385 people who are not citizens registered to vote.

Eighty two of those people actually voted in at least one election. Those cases were then turned over to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for criminal investigation.

Now the I TEAM has found the first of those investigations has been turned over to Cuyahoga County prosecutors to be reviewed for criminal charges. One involves a man from the western suburbs who’s been registered since 2007, and he has voted. The I TEAM went to see him, and a woman at the door refused to answer questions.

Voters we met on the street reacted by pointing out, the numbers don’t seem high enough to swing elections, but the investigations are important since voting is such a “fundamental right” for Americans and that there is now proof that Illegals Voted In Ohio.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office says the investigations statewide are in various stages. They can result in low level felony charges or lesser misdemeanors charges for the Illegals Voted In Ohio. A key question in the voter cases revolves around “intent.”

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