ICE Chief states: ‘Illegal immigrant caravan stealing spots from deserving refugees’

caravan migrants

The Washington Times reports people from the illegal immigrant caravan making bogus asylum claims in the U.S. are keeping other more deserving people from war-torn and troubled countries from getting to safety here, President Trump’s top immigration enforcement official said Tuesday.

Thomas D. Homan, who is leading U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the Trump administration will not be forced by the caravan, which is demanding its 150 or so participants be granted quick hearings to gain entry and begin their asylum claims in the U.S.

“We’re not going to do it on their time frame,” Mr. Homan said on “Fox & Friends.”

The caravan started out as about 1,500 people, mostly from Honduras, who have made their way across Mexico over the last five weeks, and now are in Tijuana demanding entry to the U.S. But rather than jumping the border, they are waiting for appointments with Customs and Border Protection officers, where they plan to make their asylum claims, which will then be heard through the usual process.

Caravan organizers say the U.S. is required to let them all have appointments, and they have blasted border officials, saying they are slow-walking the process. Just eight people were allowed to make claims on Monday.

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