June 20, 2018
  • 10:25 am Maxine Waters Paying Daughter Over 100K In Campaign Funds
  • 7:20 am Black Trump supporter attacked at Cheesecake Factory over MAGA hat: Called “Nigg**
  • 6:55 am Mueller’s Indictment Of Russian Company Is Facing Dismissal Over Legal Incompetence
  • 12:34 pm Avenatti Docs Leak: Got $8 Million Out of Thin Air When Stormy Arrived
  • 9:38 am Nearly 30 Illegal Aliens Arrested for Child Rape in NC Last Month

This From REDDIT HOLY SHIT FELLAS!!! Vice-Chairman of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is also the Chairman of “Smartmatic” the company who makes the fucking voting machines to be used this november from The_Donald

hillary liar wikileaks

REDDIT UPDATE: While the left and the media kept you distracted about what Trump said 11 years ago, Wikileaks released emails from Hillary, and top campaign DNC staff, that detail things like: Statements about keeping the population uneducated and in line to maintain power. SOURCE Bashing Catholicism. SOURCE Massive Democrat voter fraud investigations in multiple states. […]


Unbelievable: Bill O’Reilly breaks that media bosses have sent out a warning: SUPPORT TRUMP AND YOU’RE DONE. BOMBSHELL from @OreillyFactor: “Media organizations have actually put out, if you support Trump, your career is done here.” #BigLeagueTruth pic.twitter.com/rHcXZ3qeZu — Official Team Trump (@TeamTrump) October 10, 2016 Our country is in serious trouble. We first found this […]


What as this host tells an “Independent Voter Panel” exactly how to respond! #CROOKED! Here is the REDDIT post that is currently #1 On The Home Page Of The Internet! CNN CAUGHT RED HANDED COACHING “INDEPENDENT VOTER PANEL” ON WHAT TO SAY from The_Donald


In lieu of the of the recent news that Republicans were made aware of the “Trump Tape” and intentionally failed to warn The_Donald, one top Redditer is all for abandoning BOTH Establishment parties for a new MAGA Party. What do you think? Screw Republicans, screw Democrats, it’s time for the AMERICAN PEOPLE TO TAKE THEIR COUNTRY […]