VIDEO: Pakistani IRS Phone Scam Revealed

The video below was luckily captured by this YouTuber who receives a similar call. About halfway through the fifth minute, it the receiver of the call let’s the caller know that he’s on to him. What happens next is truly amazing. A “moderate Muslim” I’m sure. See, the difference between an extremist and a moderate is that one blows himself up while the other cheers.

The good news is, as reported in FORBES, one of the largest operations of it’s kind was busted with mass arrests after extensive investigation:

Dozens of arrests have been made in the phone scams plaguing American taxpayers. Acting on a tip, 70 call center workers were arrested for their alleged roles in tax-related scams following a police raid on call centers outside of Mumbai, India. More than 750 call center workers were detained in what a police spokesperson characterized as an ongoing investigation.

For years now, scammers posing as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents and officers have been making calls to taxpayers, demanding immediate payment and threatening jail or deportation for those who failed to comply. The scam has netted the millions and emboldened scammers to try new tactics, including making “robo-calls”, or automated calls leaving threatening messages.


Little Kid Wants To Stay With Trump At Trump Rally – HIGH ENERGY

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was holding a rally Monday night just outside of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania when he paused his remarks and spotted somewhat of a familiar face in the Coal Region crowd.

Trump gestured to a young boy, wearing a suit, trademark red tie and mimicking Trump’s own unique hairstyle.

“Bring him up,” Trump said.