June 18, 2018
  • 10:25 am Maxine Waters Paying Daughter Over 100K In Campaign Funds
  • 7:20 am Black Trump supporter attacked at Cheesecake Factory over MAGA hat: Called “Nigg**
  • 6:55 am Mueller’s Indictment Of Russian Company Is Facing Dismissal Over Legal Incompetence
  • 12:34 pm Avenatti Docs Leak: Got $8 Million Out of Thin Air When Stormy Arrived
  • 9:38 am Nearly 30 Illegal Aliens Arrested for Child Rape in NC Last Month

To those paying attention, it’s obvious that Democrats Play Dirty at election time. From dead registered voters to voters registered in multiple States, they have become masters at rounding up the ineligible to make them eligible come voting time. Newt Gingrich seems to agree. This excerpt is from a recent ABC news story: Former House […]


One of the hottest debated topics in the last debate was Trump’s position that Hillary, now opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) was once for it calling it “the Gold Standard”. Well, to those of you Clinton apologists who fancy her so principled, her you go: TWITTER: U down with TPP, U know Hillary Who’s down […]


According to NBC, the Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber strike against Russia in retaliation for “alleged” Russian interference in the American presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News. Question 1: Why retaliate an against an “alleged” attack? Shouldn’t you KNOW FOR SURE before you strike in any way on anyone? Question 2: To […]


This epic video featuring Jon Voight and his plea to stop Hillary Clinton hits liberals and elitist Hollywood types, including Cucked Robert De Niro and the like, May God protect the real truth. May Donald Trump win the Presidency of the United States of America – Voight Epic Jon Voight Tweets: Jon Voight’s plea to save […]


Wikileaks long awaited release of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs Speeches – FULL TRANSCRIPTS: ****DOWNLOAD LINK***(click attachments) RELEASE: Hillary Clinton’s Private #GoldmanSach‘s Paid Speechs – full transcripts, see “attachments” tab at top https://t.co/j7RD9uY3GJ pic.twitter.com/3F0ynPScL2 — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 15, 2016 TWITTER RESPONDS: .@wikileaks and yet #MSM just refuses to cover. Obsessed with nonsense and lies about @realDonaldTrump […]